Ebay purchase #102

Living room doors

Despite constantly pulling out the tape measure I’m always surprised by the size of things in real life once delivered. So when the new (reclaimed) doors were strapped to the roof of car I had to wonder whether I’d been looking at the wrong measurements. Apart from being incredibly heavy they seemed huge.

doors on the pao600

But once propped up against the wall they seemed more or less normal

doors leaning against the wall600px

The doors had been stripped and as they will be doors to the exterior they will need to be painted. On the outside they will be green but on the inside I am still slightly unsure as whether to leave them as is or to paint.

This is them from the outside – ignore the orange this just masking tape. They are currently in Fired Earth’s Wild Olive but I’m struggling a little bit with the underlying yellowness of this green so they may end up being Farrow and Ball’s Caulke Green. Like Little Bear said they will need lots of layers of paint on the outside so it’s not a complete waste.

painted green600


Good things

After weeks of dust and disruption, where every day starts with the arrival of the builders, I was looking forward to spending louche days in pyjamas.  I pictured wine, box sets and lengthy baths and well-needed time away from the day job. But I knew I was never going to relax in a space that was shrieking for attention. So just before Christmas we pulled out all the stops to create a small space that gave the eyes a rest from the repetitive evaluation of the fixtures and fittings and lack thereof.  A mist coat was applied to the bare plaster walls, floors were mopped and the old decommissioned bathroom was turned into huge cupboard where we hid all the building detritus.

With just days to spare, two wonderful things happened. The stonemason appeared and fitted the fireplace and my builder plumbed in my new oven. Though I’d already made alternative arrangements for Christmas dinner it was amazing to be able to bake and roast over the holidays. Even making cheese on toast seemed like a wonderful treat.  One of the best things about this project has been learning to appreciate every aspect of modern living anew.

A young friend stops by and gets the best seat in the house.




One reception room or two?

Renovation is full relentless decision making. Little ones like; what type of light switch do I want? medium sized ones like should the bedroom door open to the left or the right? And huge ones like should I knock my two receptions together?

I’ve decided after much prevarication to partially knock out the wall between the two reception rooms. My first thought was to keep them separate, the first would be a living-room; sofa, TV etc and the second a home-office , books, writing desk, day bed perhaps. But then I realised that actually I was designing a room for the life I wished I had. The fantasy where I carry out a job I love that pays really well and allows me to work from home sitting at my beautiful desk, gazing out of the double doors and into a well cultivated garden.

The reality is that I work in an office 9-5, five days a week and that beautiful study would end up a dusty relic.  The problem with un-used rooms is they end up becoming big storage areas for anything and everything. I had one of those in my last property and I would occasionally think wow I haven’t been in that room for six weeks and the dust would grow like tumble-weed.

The inspiration below



With wall


Without wall

So this is the new horizon,instant pro there is now light from both sides, so far there aren’t any obvious cons. I will need to buy more furniture to fill the new space but that is really a  pro. The hideous window at the back will be replaced by something suitably Victorian. The only question is around the fireplace.. the previous owners removed the chimney breast and I’m wondering whether to restore it.