Doors, a Victorian melodrama

In my old flat the biggest wrench was leaving behind the big Victorian windows that adorned my living room and kitchen. I would look at properties and write them off because they didn’t have ‘the windows’.

‘The windows’ from my previous flat


Being a tad impetuous I decided to buy the windows below on Ebay, even before I’d found my house.

patio doors

This is where it gets a bit crazy.. my original flat had a lovely big garden where I intended to store the windows.. however the windows came in one very large frame and as my flat was part of a Victorian terrace there was no way I would be able to carry the frame through the house and to the back garden. I paid the Ebay seller a small fee for time wasting and then forgot about them.

Not long after I found my house in Wally. I checked Ebay to discover the seller had been let down by another buyer and so they were for sale again. So I bought them for a second time.  When we went to collect them she had also failed to realise that they were too big to remove from her garden, luckily a friendly neighbour allowed us to dismantle his gate to get them out.

At Wally the terrace issue raised it’s head again but my new neighbour very kindly allowed us to take down part of his fence and we were able to cut through his garden to get to mine. The windows spent the winter languishing under tarpaulin.

The hole in the wall waiting to receive

kitchen sky light600

Now the tragedy is that windows were actually too tall to fit in the space, being part of a terrace meant that raising the roof wasn’t an option.  We also considered lopping a great chunk off the bottom but this would have meant the doors would no longer effectively be doors as they would be too short to walk through without bending down.

After much wringing of hands I conceded that the window running along the top of the frame would have to go. The builder putting the window in just kept telling me to throw them away and get new windows, the dreaded PVC.

It seems everyone is ripping out these windows and replacing them with the PVC bi-folds but they just remind me of the old ‘ranch sliders’ – the sliding doors that became the rage in the eighties. Granted they let in a lot of light but I’m not convinced that they altogether suit small Victorian properties.

The windows should be in by today so I am waiting nervously to see how they will look, my biggest fear is whether they will let in enough light.

The first part of the frame has gone in!


They’re in!