This green and not so pleasant land..

That early bit of spring-time sun always makes you think of the garden. In this house I knew I had one but since moving here in September it has been ignored or used as a dumping ground for building materials. It didn’t really have much going for it, unless you like mountains of ivy.


All along I’ve thought the garden is the not a priority. If I have any money left at the end of this renovation then perhaps the garden can benefit from it.  At least that was the plan until I realised that when I knocked the kitchen wall out and put the windows in, I would be gazing out at it, or put another way it would be glaring in at me.

hole in the wall650

So yet another workstream has begun. After all, half the purpose of having a room that looks out to the garden is about having a garden worth looking at.  It’s taken four men two days to more-or-less clear it. They uncovered two butler sinks, one of which was home to a frog. I felt sorry for the poor fellow losing his home like that. I only hope he managed to hop away safely to a new residence.



Ebay purchase #102

Living room doors

Despite constantly pulling out the tape measure I’m always surprised by the size of things in real life once delivered. So when the new (reclaimed) doors were strapped to the roof of car I had to wonder whether I’d been looking at the wrong measurements. Apart from being incredibly heavy they seemed huge.

doors on the pao600

But once propped up against the wall they seemed more or less normal

doors leaning against the wall600px

The doors had been stripped and as they will be doors to the exterior they will need to be painted. On the outside they will be green but on the inside I am still slightly unsure as whether to leave them as is or to paint.

This is them from the outside – ignore the orange this just masking tape. They are currently in Fired Earth’s Wild Olive but I’m struggling a little bit with the underlying yellowness of this green so they may end up being Farrow and Ball’s Caulke Green. Like Little Bear said they will need lots of layers of paint on the outside so it’s not a complete waste.

painted green600

Hello bricks

The writings been a bit sporadic this year. After Christmas there was a bit of a lull. I changed builders, I went on holiday which far from being a bad idea, is actually essential during a long development.  Living and sleeping in the dusty environs had left me with an unshakable cold which turned out to be a sinus infection. Relentless breathing of dust it turns out isn’t terribly good for you.

Anyway my house is covered in murky brown stuff, thick and lumpy. After a bit of investigation online which presented the most polarised of views  from those who say leave well alone, the render is there to hide something terrible – to those of  marvellous transformation.

Well after a very short period of deliberation I decided the brown-stuff had to go. Whenever I showed people a picture of my house the first comment would be – what are you going to do about the brown stuff? Followed by,  what actually is it?.

It’s work in progress but in my uniformed opinion it’s all looking pretty promising.

spruce before

So up went the scaffolding


and then the curtain, which in my head I assumed was something to do with the big reveal – obviously something from reality TV has seeped into my psyche. But actually this was just to stop the dust from flying into neighbouring properties.

scaffolding and curtain800

And now in about two weeks time I shall see the final result…but as I said things are already looking rather promising.. a sneaky peek

Entrance before

entrance before

Entrance now

brick entrance

I now have two weeks to decide what colour the masonry and window sills are going to be…