Good things

After weeks of dust and disruption, where every day starts with the arrival of the builders, I was looking forward to spending louche days in pyjamas.  I pictured wine, box sets and lengthy baths and well-needed time away from the day job. But I knew I was never going to relax in a space that was shrieking for attention. So just before Christmas we pulled out all the stops to create a small space that gave the eyes a rest from the repetitive evaluation of the fixtures and fittings and lack thereof.  A mist coat was applied to the bare plaster walls, floors were mopped and the old decommissioned bathroom was turned into huge cupboard where we hid all the building detritus.

With just days to spare, two wonderful things happened. The stonemason appeared and fitted the fireplace and my builder plumbed in my new oven. Though I’d already made alternative arrangements for Christmas dinner it was amazing to be able to bake and roast over the holidays. Even making cheese on toast seemed like a wonderful treat.  One of the best things about this project has been learning to appreciate every aspect of modern living anew.

A young friend stops by and gets the best seat in the house.





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