Everything’s going green part 1

I’ve been going to bed and fantasizing about paint colours every night for weeks. It seems for the last few years everyone has been painting their walls grey. My last living-room was grey and even the property developers on the place next door have painted every room grey so it feels like time to move on, but what to? While browsing the annals of Pinterest I came across a pond green bathroom. I rather like murky colours and when contrasted with the crisp white porcelain it seemed an invigorating combination.  So I took to the unfinished bathroom with a tester pot, it was scary and I wasn’t sure, so I emptied the whole tester pot on the wall and still wasn’t sure.  Clearly I am going to have to go the whole way.


The colour, the movement of the fabric.


The inspiration

Tentative dipping of the toe…



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