Reflecting on life’s luxuries

I’ve been camping inside my own house for a little while now. It’s had tremendous highs, noticelittle-bear creates-seafood-extravaganza-on-two-ring-electric-hob and vicious lows, large-slug-climbs- up-drain-into-bathroom-basin (and refuses to exit).

The advice from everyone was create a room in the house that’s comfortable and clean, a retreat from the building site that is currently my home. I’ve now had several little bedsits within my house and no sooner do I become comfortable, I am moved on by the building juggernaut, typically plastering, which introduces a wet earthy smell to the house and covers my whole world with a thin layer of dust and mud.   But there have been two glorious things both utterly primal (the reinstatement of broadband was just merely nice by comparison) and that’s fire and water.

Let’s start with the fire – amazing!  In my living room the original Victorian fireplace had been removed but the chimney remained and was clearly just begging to be lit. What I didn’t know was that sometimes they have a little shelf inside that they close to stop heat escaping so yes the room became a bit OK a lot full of smoke but once that little error was remedied it was frankly beautiful.


And the bath. Well up until now I’d made do with a glorified lean-to and hose. Enter the bear and friends, yes the walls hadn’t yet been built nor was there a means to drain the bath but they managed to tap into the water supply and create an oasis.  I had my best bath of my life on the first floor landing.



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