Gathering clouds

Today is one of those bad days where the dust, the mess and the persistent company of builders feels like an insurmountable weight. Today I caved over the positioning of a light-switch. On screen it seems terribly insignificant but right now I feel that rolling over to the builder’s opinion may serve as a permanent plastic monument to a moment of weakness.

Last week I instructed the builder not to erect a partition wall until I could get home and approve its width – fast forward two hours and I arrive home to find five feet of wall, thirty centimetres too wide. He had decided that he understood what I wanted and progressed anyway. It took so much courage to tell him to take it down but I managed and felt the happy surge of relief when my instructions were followed. But here we are just a few days later and I buckled on the light switch and now I will have to live with it. Granted there are definitely times when builder-knows-best but this wasn’t one of them. This was an aesthetic choice and I should have stood my ground. It was the equivalent of letting your Dad choose what kind of shoes you should wear.

I’ve been having these little wars of attrition throughout the project and it’s led to several little compromises on ‘the vision’. A little bear reminded me today that I am paying him and not to be bullied but sometimes while juggling the things of life, work, and this project something gives and today it was the light-switch.


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